University of California, Santa Barbara


a letter from our recruitment chair


Hi everyone! My name is Amber Chapman and I’m beyond excited to serve as AXO’s Vice President of Recruitment this year. This role is extremely special to me, and I can’t wait for our incoming members to love AXO as much as I do.


Rushing as a shy freshman was an extremely intimidating process, and I felt really lost trying to figure out where my place was at UCSB. By the end of formal recruitment, this feeling was completely gone and I knew Alpha Chi Omega was the place where I belonged. The girls there made me feel so accepted and comfortable, while still sharing how much the chapter had challenged them and helped them become better, stronger women.


Alpha Chi Omega truly shaped me into the person I am today. The women of this chapter have pushed me to become more confident, more involved, and more in love with who I am. In this chapter, I’ve been truly inspired to shoot for the stars and work hard to accomplish my goals. 


Joining this sisterhood was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and it has brought me so much support, love, and happiness. Alpha Chi Omega has brought me my best friends and memories of a lifetime, and I am truly so grateful.


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